New Cloudwords Release – March 27, 2012

The Cloudwords product and development teams have been working on deepening the project management features and integration of Cloudwords with external systems. Here are the highlights of our new release:New Cloudwords Release

  • Purchase Order Management: Customers using the Cloudwords Professional Edition are now able to keep full control of their active Purchase Order numbers, with instant access to their balance and last activity.
  • Project Bids: Administrators of Cloudwords Professional Edition accounts are now able to prevent users from requesting quotes from non-preferred vendors.
  • Email Notification Enhancement: Users being added to a new project as followers will receive a notification when the project is created, so they are aware of it, and be ready for when they need to take action.
  • Direct Access to All Departments’ Reports: Administrators of accounts divided into departments have now access to all reports for each department as well as for the company.
  • Cloudwords Integration to Salesforce Knowledge Base: As announced a few days ago, we are proud to offer Salesforce Knowledge customers the most simple and straightforward way to export, translate and import back their Knowledge Base articles.
  • Vendor API: Cloudwords is proud to announce the release of our Vendor API. Just as Cloudwords customers can benefit from our API to automate their translation process between their own content systems and Cloudwords, translation Vendors on the Cloudwords platform can now do the same. Vendor can now integrate their own Translation Management System and translation workbench technologies with Cloudwords, enabling easy movement of translation materials back and forth.

We are grateful to all the Cloudwords users that sent us their ideas for new features or enhancements through the Cloudwords Feedback Forum or on an email.

Not a Cloudwords customer yet? Learn more about our customers and their experience with the Cloudwords platform.

New Cloudwords Release – September 28, 2011

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn days, the Cloudwords team is excited about our new features and enhancements designed to delight our users. Here’s a first look:

  • Message attachments: Users are now able to attach files to their messages.New Cloudwords Release
  • Translation Memory enhancement: Leveraging information within translation projects has never been easier.  Vendors submitting their bid for a project will be asked to include the results of leveraging the customer’s translation memory for each language, so it is clear what percentage of words on a project have already been translated.
  • Modify Deadlines & Target Languages: Customers can now edit the bid due date and translations deadline for a project waiting for the winning bid to be selected.
  • User Experience and Design Enhancements: We always aim to keep the Cloudwords application easy to use and simple, especially as we incorporate new, advanced features. In this release, we have worked on providing a better experience around file uploads, reports, inline help and other small improvements that make things easier for the users.
  • Continued API development.

Thanks to our users, both customers and vendors, whose continued and valuable feedback through the Cloudwords Feedback forum ensures our joint success!

New Cloudwords Release – August 29, 2011

After a couple of months when our releases were dedicated mainly to backend, architecture and some fun with our API development, we are pleased to announce a new Cloudwords release that includes great interface enhancements and new features.

Here are the main features and enhancements that are part of this release, internally code-named as Mauna Loa:Cloudwords - The Easiest Way to Manage your Translation Projects

New project pages interface: Fundamentally, all sections of a project are now displayed as a vertical menu on the left of the page – providing a direct access to all information with just one click.

New Home tab modules:
– Latest activity: Users can now see the latest actions performed on the projects they follow, and check who did what, on which project, and when.
– Open Projects Status: Users can see a graphic representing the status of their open projects, and quickly access them.

New Project Manager Role: Customers on the Cloudwords Professional Edition can now assign the project manager role to any of their users.

Increased the character limit for messages and bid description to 3,500 characters (I know of at least three vendors that will be very happy about this).

– Enhancements to the way results are displayed on the directory when using source and target language filters.

Revision requests and Change Orders pages now display the full history of all revisions or change orders submitted on a project (both open and completed ones).

– Minor fixes and enhancements that will make our users’ life easier, at least with respect to their use of Cloudwords.

As always, we would like to thank all the users that have sent their feedback through the Cloudwords Feedback Forum, or directly through phone calls and email exchanges with the Cloudwords team. Thanks our users’ contribution, we will be able to continue building a great application that helps making the overall translation process more efficient.


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