Cloudwords, Features, New Release

New Feature Release – May 30, 2011

We are excited to announce the latest Cloudwords feature release, internally known as the Blackbird release, and one of our largest and more complex ones so far.

While in our previous release we focused on enhancing the bidding process and the vendor directory experience, this time we are implementing important enhancements to the way customers and vendors work together on a project. Here are the main features we are releasing today:

Cloudwords supports staggered delivery of translations
Staggered Display of Flags

Staggered Delivery and Approval of Translations: A vendor will be able to deliver individual languages to the customer as their translations are ready. Likewise, the customer will be able to approve translations per language as they are reviewed or, if necessary, request revisions for any individual language. This is big change in the way vendors were able to deliver their work for each language, and will help both customers and vendors optimize their resources and manage their projects in a more efficient way.

Project Followers: From now on, users will be able to follow projects. A user that is following a project will receive all email notifications from Cloudwords that are related to that project. This way, users on Cloudwords can now choose to only follow projects they are working on or have an interest in. This first implementation of followers is available for customers.

Reviewer Role: This is the first user role that Cloudwords is making available for customers. A reviewer will be able to approve or request a revision for any language, and will only see, on their Home and Projects tab, information related to translations deliverables. Also, reviewers will be unable to create or modify projects, change the account’s settings and view the account Reports and Vendor Directory.

UI enhancements and bug fixes: As usual, we have also implemented multiple user interface improvements and have fixed issues that were affecting users’ experience on Cloudwords.

This release is an important milestone for Cloudwords, as we are launching a few features, especially the staggered delivery, that will greatly improve the experience of our users when managing their translation projects.

Cloudwords, Features, New Release

New Cloudwords Release – March 25, 2011

As part of our constant work to provide a better user experience and more features that help Cloudwords users manage their translation projects, we just pushed live a new release, including the following features and enhancements:

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New features for customers and vendors:

– General user interface and experience enhancements.

– Substantial backend enhancements to make Cloudwords faster and more stable.

– New project status when vendor submits deliverables to customer. We have changed the “Translation Complete” status to “Review Translations”. While this is only a terminology change, it helps avoiding confusions for customers. After downloading and reviewing the deliverables submitted by the vendor, customers will still have two options: either close the project if all translations are approved or, if necessary, create a revision request on Cloudwords, sending the project back to the vendor.

– Customers can select the winning bid before the Bid Selection Deadline. From now on, customers will be able to select the winning bid for their project at any time, even if not all vendors have submitted their bid. To provide all vendors the opportunity to submit their quotes, Cloudwords will continue to enforce an initial wait period of 48 hours (starting at the moment the customer submits their bid request for a project) during which the customer will not be able to select the winning bid.

New features for customers only:

– Project Status Summary. For each specific project, users will see its current status, information about what they can do and what are the next steps for that project. This summary is displayed on the project’s Overview page, and users can close it by clicking the Mark as Read link. To display it again at any time, users can simply click the View Status Summary link that appears on the page.

Cloudwords, Features, New Release

New Cloudwords Release – March 01, 2011

We have been busy working on the development of new features for the Cloudwords platform, and are happy to announce our latest release, pushed live on March 01, 2011. Our plan is to post new release notes here at the Cloudwords Blog to keep our community of users informed.

The list of new features released today includes:

Customizable Non-Disclosure Agreement: Customers are now able to upload their own Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to Cloudwords and apply it to their projects if they want. From the moment a NDA is being applied by a customer, all translation vendors will be required to accept it before they can access any source files or reference materials pertaining to that customer’s projects.

New Messages module: A new New Messages module appears now on users’ home tab, where they can see all unread messages for all projects.

Zip files contents: A “magnifying glass” icon is now displayed on the side of every .zip file. By pointing the icon with their mouse, users will be able to see all the files included in that compressed archive.

Enhancements to the Revision Request flow: Translation vendors have now the option to accept or reject a revision request submitted by a customer.

Enhancements to the bid configuration page during project creation (only for customers): We have reviewed and enhanced the design of the bid configuration page when a customer is creating a new project.

Project History enhancements: Every project now displays a complete history of actions, including all the ones performed by both customers and vendors.

Other enhancements and bug fixes