A Formula for Success that Meets the Needs of the Enterprise

Screen Shot 2014-06-05 at 4.30.06 PMEnterprise organizations are increasingly turning to Cloudwords to streamline their translation and localization process, and since each company typically has its own unique organizational structure, Cloudwords’ marketing globalization platform supports sophisticated and completely customizable workflows that enable the greatest flexibility for its users. Earlier this year, Cloudwords introduced significant enhancements to its Enterprise Edition to further enable power users to customize highly complex localization workflows so companies can design the localization process that best fits their needs. Even more, no single company has one single workflow, which Cloudwords recognizes and supports by letting any number of divisions, departments, groups, and other collaborators create and customize workflows that work — just right — for them and their peers.

We know time-to-market can make or break a product launch or marketing campaign. No team can afford to spend valuable time trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. What does that mean? It means organizations need the ability to configure and model a complex localization workflow in order to reach their audiences in multiple languages faster and more efficiently.

With Cloudwords’ powerful, fully customizable workflow engine, users can create workflows that include as many different steps as necessary, including a multi-phase review process, which is often the most time-consuming and challenging stage of the translation lifecycle since projects typically require multiple reviews from various collaborators: translation service providers, regional teams, marketing leaders, and legal departments. Further, collaboration among stakeholders — from headquarters to international hubs — is increased since users are able to easily share notes, files and provide feedback directly with each other. Finally, workflow automation doesn’t do much good if appropriate stakeholders aren’t notified instantly and consistently when it is their turn up to bat. Cloudwords solves all of this.

Optimization of the globalization process is key. By approaching localization as a revenue-enhancing business process, Cloudwords’ customers have a competitive advantage. Companies are able to achieve dramatic increases in productivity and efficiency, and therefore realize shorter localization turnaround times and faster go-to-market timelines so they can reach and engage multilingual customers, generate demand and fill their sales pipeline.

Regardless of your company’s workflow requirements, Cloudwords’ platform is a key ingredient to your formula for global marketing success. Visit http://www.cloudwords.com/who-its-for/enterprise/ to learn more.

Globalize Your Sitecore Websites with Cloudwords

Sitecore websites now more easily translated for all markets

Sitecore websites now more easily translated for all markets

In our connected, digital economy, the World Wide Web truly is accessible worldwide, which means anyone, anywhere can access content on your site. What do they see when they visit your company’s homepage? Is the content in English only, or do visitors see localized content specifically designed with images and copy for their language and culture? If you’re a globally-focused company targeting consumers in international markets, I hope it’s the latter or you’re not fully tapping into the revenue opportunities available to you in global markets.

The fact is, 72% of prospects are more likely to purchase a product when content is delivered in their native language. Translating your website and digital customer experiences is essential to engaging effectively with audiences in global markets. To make localization of websites faster and easier, Cloudwords offers pre-built integrations with the leading Web Content Management and customer experience platforms. Today I’m particularly pleased to say we’ve added Sitecore to that list.

Traditionally, the process of localizing websites and landing pages within your Sitecore Web Content Management platform has been extremely inefficient, requiring users to spend hours copying and pasting text out of Sitecore, saving it as a different document type, sending it off for localization, getting the files back, and copying and pasting it again to put it back into the correct templates. Not only is the process inefficient when translating sites in one language, it’s massively inefficient when companies need to localize websites for multiple regions in several languages and have them all ready to launch at the same time.

With Cloudwords for Sitecore, ensuring your websites are accessible and meaningful to multi-language audiences is easier than ever. With one click, users select the content in Sitecore that needs to be translated, and then Cloudwords automatically extracts the content, sends it for translation to your preferred translation vendor, and automatically returns the new, translated content to the original templates in Sitecore. The process is scalable, efficient and reliable.

Customers who use Cloudwords to localize content by integrating with their Web CMS platforms increase their team’s productivity levels by eliminating the copy and paste routine, and decrease project turnaround times by 60%. Visit http://www.cloudwords.com/how-it-works/cloudwords-for-sitecore to learn more about Cloudwords for Sitecore and sign up for a free trial today.


The Marketing Cloud Gets Global with Cloudwords

marketing-cloudMany years ago, prior to co-founding Cloudwords, I worked at salesforce.com as a core developer and architect on the salesforce.com platform during the time when cloud computing was in its earliest, most explosive growth phase. Since then, cloud technology has forever changed—and enhanced—they way businesses operate. Since the evolution of the cloud, SaaS technology has optimized all types of business processes, including HR, finance, and sales. However, in my opinion, it’s in the realm of marketing that has taken cloud computing to new levels of awesomeness for its target users: CMOs.

Complete Cloud Ecosystem

Marketo, Oracle, Salesforce, and Adobe. Each of these innovative technology powerhouses is assembling and delivering a marketing cloud. What is a marketing cloud and why is it so beneficial? A marketing cloud delivers a full suite of tools for the CMO, offering everything necessary to create, manage, and execute marketing campaigns. Designed to be a complete ecosystem, the marketing cloud encompasses all of the technologies to power, measure, socialize, and optimize a brand’s strength and presence—from a single vendor.

The marketing cloud offers marketers an easier, more streamlined process to present products, engage with customers, and push brand messages, and enables marketers to connect with their customers more personally at every stage of the lifecycle. Moreover, by tapping into the analytics and targeting tools available to marketers within the marketing cloud, marketers have a 360-degree view of the customer using real-time data.

The Missing Piece

There is one critical component of the marketer’s arsenal that has not been built-in to the marketing cloud, and is key to growth across borders: The ability to go global. Localized content is the ultimate level of personalization and is fundamental to effective marketing in global regions. While marketing automation enables marketers to manage multiple targeted multichannel campaigns to diverse audiences, these platforms do not offer content globalization, which is vital for global organizations that need to localize their marketing activities to reach multilingual audiences in numerous international markets.

The Key to Going Global with the Cloud: Scale

Only Cloudwords offers pre-built integrations with the leading marketing cloud ecosystems: Adobe Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud and Marketo. Direct integration with these cloud platforms is the only way to fully realize the benefits cloud technology delivers: efficiency, agility, and scale. As a SaaS platform, Cloudwords’ open API and pre-built integrations makes the content localization process as simple as a few clicks, eliminating the need for time-consuming and error-prone cut and paste processes that cripple a marketer’s go-to-market timeline

Cloudwords’ integration with all marketing cloud platforms offers marketers an efficient, cost-effective way to scale their globalization efforts. By enabling marketers to easily manage the localization of content for multiple markets and multiple campaigns simultaneously, campaigns reach global markets and audiences faster, so brands can drive demand and increase global revenue.

Reaching new audiences and generating demand before the competition is cornerstone to capturing market share. The rise of the marketing cloud brings considerable benefits to CMOs, but for global-minded organizations, adding a marketing globalization platform like Cloudwords brings opportunities to expand into global markets. It’s time to leverage cloud technology to lead the market and leave the competition behind.

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