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How to Get What You Want: 5 Ways to Be More Persuasive

Going after what you want — whether it’s a promotion, a big sale or bringing a new idea to market — undoubtedly takes effort and hard work. But in most cases, success is not independent of outside influencers — you’re likely going to have to convince others to get on board, too.

As an entrepreneur and CEO of a startup that is creating a new category in cloud-based technology, I had to pitch a new business idea to very successful, influential — and let’s face it, very experienced — investors who have heard every new business pitch under the sun. A daunting challenge, but one my co-founder and I needed to face in order to make our vision a reality. Continue reading

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Getting Back to Our Roots at Dreamforce


Cloudwords Scott Yancey Dreamforce 2015I very rarely hear people refer to the “World Wide Web” anymore. In the ‘90s we were obsessed with sites like Yahoo, the burgeoning idea of e-commerce, and “going online” to use AOL to email friends in faraway places. The Internet is truly worldwide and has connected—and greatly impacted—countries and economies in multiple ways, from access to information to entire businesses built purely online. Continue reading

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Countdown to Dreamforce: Dirty Little Secrets of Life in the Global Marketing Trade

In Anthony Bourdain’s bestselling book, “Kitchen Confidential,” he provides a behind-the-scenes look at the restaurant industry and reveals what is really going on inside NYC kitchens. (Some things you may not want to know!) I thought of the book recently while I was preparing notes for an upcoming session I’ll be presenting at Dreamforce next week. In the marketing industry—and global marketing in particular—a lot goes on behind the scenes that marketers either accept as “just the way it’s done”, or would rather not think about, or don’t even realize is happening at all. Continue reading


How to Use Content to Reach a Global Audience: An Interview with Cloudwords CEO Scott Yancey

(Originally published in Bizreport, August 11, 2015)

Reliance on traditional methods to manage localized content is no longer necessary for many brands. There are website CMS options, marketing automation and full platforms that make localizing content as simple as pressing a button. Once localized, though, how can brands ensure they’re reaching the right global audience?

by Kristina Knight

“For marketers that are tasked with developing content for regional markets, you can maximize content utilization by drafting source content that is informative and engaging, but that does not include any cultural references, idioms, metaphors, etc. (e.g., “knock your socks off,” or “let the cat out of the bag”) that are not easily translatable,” said Scott Yancey, CEO, Cloudwords. “Then when it’s time for localization, using a translation automation platform to manage the localization process will speed time-to-market.”

Yancey says connecting a brand’s translation platform with their marketing software can save both time to market and help protect ad budgets because it brings to scale a single campaign or message sent in multiple languages.

“Translation trade-offs are common for companies going global: They want to launch a product in EMEA and APAC, but only have the budget and resources to translate sales and marketing materials into two languages. But if you can save time and money by automating the localization process, companies can translate content into more languages for more markets, which leads directly to maximizing demand across all your international markets and delivering more global revenue,” said Yancey.

As for choosing the right translation automation platform, Yancey advises brands to look at translation memory, multilingual glossaries and style guides to ensure they have a fully functioning translation vehicle.

“These capabilities help ensure a company’s brand is translated correctly to maintain brand consistency across all languages and markets, which is key for enhancing brand recognition and loyalty,” said Yancey.

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Disrupting an Industry in Need of Disruption: Cloudwords Selected as an AlwaysOn Global 250 Winner

AO.SVIS15.GLOBAL250Cloudwords’ translation automation platform helps companies identify new revenue opportunities and grow global market share, and we’re proud to again be included among the leading global innovators—some of which are also our customers!—whose game-changing approaches and technologies are disrupting markets worldwide. We’re honored to be recognized by AlwaysOn as a disruptor in our industry and to once again be named one of the AlwaysOn Global 250 winners for the second year in a row.

We built our platform to meet the needs of companies who demand a more strategic approach to execute the localization of marketing content in order to compete on a global scale. We’re disrupting an industry that has traditionally been relegated to using old school approaches to manage the translation process—email, Excel, FTP sites—if you’re still using these tools to manage the localization of content, you’re probably not moving at the speed your business needs to move to get content to market. And if companies aren’t effectively reaching and engaging global markets before their competitors, they’re missing significant opportunities for growth and revenue.

What are the key components of Cloudwords’ translation automation platform?
• Cloud-based, pure SaaS solution that is centrally hosted;
• Agnostic to translation service providers – you can use your preferred vendor, or select a new one from our marketplace;
• Simplifies translation review and approvals;
• Connects automatically to existing marketing and content systems;
• Creates all translation in deployment-ready, cloned assets;
• Supports project management, collaboration, content workflows;
• Eliminates duplicate translation costs;
• Includes analytics of translation spend, efficiency and ROI—regionally and 
• Reduces risk with an audit trail of reviews and approvals; and
• Enforces brand consistency.

According to AlwaysOn, “The winners are writing a new chapter in the Global Silicon Valley, as they embark on new endeavors and define the next-generation of technology.” Yes, that’s what Cloudwords strives to accomplish. Are you ready to join us?

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Cloudwords Brings Translation Automation to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Two years ago when Salesforce announced its plans to acquire marketing software company ExactTarget, it made total sense to me. Today, Salesforce Marketing Cloud has evolved from ExactTarget and enables marketers to create personalized, cross-channel customer journeys. But personalizing those assets for global markets still remains a complex translation challenge that, for most, is still slow, with unpredictable costs and outcomes. That’s where Cloudwords comes in.

The Cloudwords-Salesforce Connection
In 2010, I left Salesforce to found Cloudwords after recognizing the need to improve how companies needed to get global content to market in a timely manner. I saw how difficult it was for my marketing colleagues to support sales revenue due to delays getting translated campaigns and sales tools into their regional markets. With all I learned at Salesforce, my co-founder, a localization industry expert, and I knew there had to be a better way—and we set out to build it.

Introducing Cloudwords for Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Now, Cloudwords is extremely pleased to announce an even stronger connection to the Salesforce ecosystem, and one that will greatly benefit Salesforce customers that market globally. Today we launched Cloudwords for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, a native integration with ExactTarget (now officially called Salesforce Marketing Cloud) to accelerate the process of translating digital marketing content for global markets. Cloudwords is the first marketing globalization platform to deliver digital content translation management for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.sfdc marketing cloud

It only takes a few minutes to connect Cloudwords and Salesforce Marketing Cloud cloud-to-cloud, and customers can start using the module right away to localize all types of emails and newsletters. Users simply select the digital content they want translated, then Cloudwords automatically pulls the content from Salesforce Marketing Cloud and moves it into the Cloudwords workflow for the customer’s preferred translation vendors to access. Once translation is complete, Cloudwords returns the content to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The manual, time-consuming, and error-prone process of having to copy and paste content in and out of a marketing automation platform to send to translation service providers is finally eliminated, saving time and money, and increasing employee productivity significantly.

Create & Deliver More Global Campaigns Faster, Easier
Cloudwords’ cloud-based marketing globalization platform automates the localization process so marketers can easily scale their international marketing efforts. With Cloudwords’ direct integration to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, marketers are able to:

• Deploy global campaigns in days, not weeks or months
• Maintain message consistency, higher campaign quality
• Create more global customer touch points at lower cost
• Eliminate error prone manual efforts – no multilingual skills necessary
• Eliminate tedious cutting and pasting
• Reduce stress by leveraging full localization process visibility

Delivering Customer Success Around the Globe
Customer Relationship Management isn’t just about sales—the journey begins with an engaging customer experience to start the prospect on the buyer’s journey, and language is critical to communicate with audiences in global markets. Whether its a tech start-up taking their first leap into a new country, or a Fortune 500 powerhouse with a presence on every continent, Cloudwords for Salesforce Marketing Cloud helps marketers create and deliver content in any language faster and easier so they can maximize revenue worldwide.

To learn more about Cloudwords for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, check out the video below, visit or download the datasheet for more information.

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Looking to Integrate with Cloudwords? Our New “Boot Camp” for Developers Makes it Fast and Easy

At Cloudwords, we know how integral developers are to building a highly functional technology stack that allows end users to seamlessly perform the critical tasks required for their role. Whether a company needs Cloudwords to integrate with their organization’s content management system, Web CMS, marketing automation platform, knowledge management system, version control system, or even their own product, they turn to their developer team to make the magic happen.
The developer community has always been top of mind at Cloudwords. From the start, we made Cloudwords’ open API and extensive documentation easily accessible and user-friendly to better enable developers to get whatever content they have, in whatever systems they use, easily translated via the Cloudwords platform. Along the way, we’ve continued to add enhancements to our Developer Center to make integrations even easier, such as a sandbox environment for developers to use to simulate and test their integration prior to roll-out, as well as delivering pre-built integrations with leading content systems. And now, we’ve introduced our very own “boot camp” for developers — a new API Tutorial that provides the complete set of API calls required to program integration with Cloudwords.

By providing the actual code needed to program integration, developers are able to reduce the amount of time for the discovery phase, test their integration prior to roll-out in the sandbox without having an impact on actual content or company finances, and speed time to completion from weeks to hours. That makes developers jobs easier, end-users happier, and going global faster.

What’s the value of integrating your content system with Cloudwords translation management platform? Among the many benefits of using Cloudwords, integrating with our platform allows users to more easily move content that needs to be localized from their content system and into Cloudwords for faster content localization and translation. No more copying and pasting content — a simple click of a button will get you on your way to a more streamlined globalization process.

If you’re interested in learning more about integration with Cloudwords, get in touch with us here — we’d be happy to talk with you about the benefits, or visit our Developer Center to learn more: