The Marketing Cloud Gets Global with Cloudwords

marketing-cloudMany years ago, prior to co-founding Cloudwords, I worked at as a core developer and architect on the platform during the time when cloud computing was in its earliest, most explosive growth phase. Since then, cloud technology has forever changed—and enhanced—they way businesses operate. Since the evolution of the cloud, SaaS technology has optimized all types of business processes, including HR, finance, and sales. However, in my opinion, it’s in the realm of marketing that has taken cloud computing to new levels of awesomeness for its target users: CMOs.

Complete Cloud Ecosystem

Marketo, Oracle, Salesforce, and Adobe. Each of these innovative technology powerhouses is assembling and delivering a marketing cloud. What is a marketing cloud and why is it so beneficial? A marketing cloud delivers a full suite of tools for the CMO, offering everything necessary to create, manage, and execute marketing campaigns. Designed to be a complete ecosystem, the marketing cloud encompasses all of the technologies to power, measure, socialize, and optimize a brand’s strength and presence—from a single vendor.

The marketing cloud offers marketers an easier, more streamlined process to present products, engage with customers, and push brand messages, and enables marketers to connect with their customers more personally at every stage of the lifecycle. Moreover, by tapping into the analytics and targeting tools available to marketers within the marketing cloud, marketers have a 360-degree view of the customer using real-time data.

The Missing Piece

There is one critical component of the marketer’s arsenal that has not been built-in to the marketing cloud, and is key to growth across borders: The ability to go global. Localized content is the ultimate level of personalization and is fundamental to effective marketing in global regions. While marketing automation enables marketers to manage multiple targeted multichannel campaigns to diverse audiences, these platforms do not offer content globalization, which is vital for global organizations that need to localize their marketing activities to reach multilingual audiences in numerous international markets.

The Key to Going Global with the Cloud: Scale

Only Cloudwords offers pre-built integrations with the leading marketing cloud ecosystems: Adobe Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua Marketing Cloud and Marketo. Direct integration with these cloud platforms is the only way to fully realize the benefits cloud technology delivers: efficiency, agility, and scale. As a SaaS platform, Cloudwords’ open API and pre-built integrations makes the content localization process as simple as a few clicks, eliminating the need for time-consuming and error-prone cut and paste processes that cripple a marketer’s go-to-market timeline

Cloudwords’ integration with all marketing cloud platforms offers marketers an efficient, cost-effective way to scale their globalization efforts. By enabling marketers to easily manage the localization of content for multiple markets and multiple campaigns simultaneously, campaigns reach global markets and audiences faster, so brands can drive demand and increase global revenue.

Reaching new audiences and generating demand before the competition is cornerstone to capturing market share. The rise of the marketing cloud brings considerable benefits to CMOs, but for global-minded organizations, adding a marketing globalization platform like Cloudwords brings opportunities to expand into global markets. It’s time to leverage cloud technology to lead the market and leave the competition behind.

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Rollout the Red Carpet: Premiering Cloudwords for Eloqua

“In a world where marketers increasingly leverage marketing automation to power their conversations, a big void has been discovered: the ability to easily extend the dialogue to other markets and other languages. But now, thanks to Cloudwords’ award-winning integrations with not one, but two, of the world’s leading marketing software companies, more marketers are going global easier and faster than ever as they #ruletheworld in the new marketing landscape!”

Does this action-packed thriller sound like the next summer blockbuster? It might if you’re a marketer! Cloudwords is so pleased to share the news about our newest integration, we thought it deserved its own movie preview promo.

World Premiere: Cloudwords for Oracle Eloqua

Cloudwords for Eloqua - Integration Overview

More campaigns in more markets and languages mean more conversations, which result in more leads to turn into opportunities and revenue! That’s what modern revenue marketers seek, and that’s what Cloudwords for Eloqua delivers.

It takes about two minutes to connect Cloudwords to Eloqua and you’re ready to expand your marketing empire like never before. How does it work? You just click to select the Eloqua campaign assets you want translated, and Cloudwords automatically pulls the correct content from Eloqua and moves it into the Cloudwords workflow for translation vendors to access. You can use your preferred, outside translation vendors, your own in-house translator, or one from Cloudwords’ vendor marketplace, and even machine translation for quick projects. Once the translations are complete, Cloudwords returns the content to the correct templates for review. It’s that easy.

If you use Eloqua, check out our AppCloud page to learn more about the efficiency-creating advantages direct integration with Cloudwords provides. Whether you’re planning your first multilingual campaign for one global market or five, or significantly scaling your international marketing, Cloudwords can help you reach your goals with less time, less hassle, and less money.

Now Playing: Cloudwords for Marketo

Cloudwords for Marketo - Multilingual Campaigns in Minutes

Cloudwords’ cloud-based marketing globalization platform is flexible and scalable. Not only do we offer the most robust APIs in the industry, we provide pre-built integrations with some of the top marketing technology tools used by our customers (Adobe CQ, Drupal, Marketo, Sitecore). Cloudwords for Eloqua follows our award-winning integration with Marketo, which we’re continuing to build on to deliver additional features and functionalities that our customers demand. We’ve always worked hard to respond to the needs of our customers, many of whom are marketers using marketing automation platforms, content management systems, and Web CMS solutions to manage their marketing assets and content. We’re staying ahead of the curve to deliver a better way to speed up and simplify the process of localizing marketing assets for global audiences. And now, for our customers—and future customers—using Eloqua, we are happy to offer Cloudwords for Eloqua as well.

Coming Soon to a Marketing Automation Platform Near You!

Cloudwords was recently named a Trendsetting Product by EContent magazine. Why? Because the team at Cloudwords understands how marketers work, we’re constantly innovating and developing new product and integration capabilities to help marketers leverage their existing marketing technology tools with Cloudwords for increased ROI. Quick and simple content localization leads to faster project turnaround times, which leads to faster go-to-market timelines, so marketing content reaches and engages the right global audiences in the right languages. More engaged customers equal more leads and more revenue. And our globalization experts are always here to guide the way, offering strategic advice and best practices to help you rule the world more effectively and cost efficiently. Whichever marketing automation platform or marketing technology tool you use, stay tuned, our next big blockbuster premiere may be coming to a “cloud” near you!

Introducing Machine Translation through Cloudwords – When Speed and Cost Effectiveness Are Vital [plus other product news]

Cloudwords understands how marketers need to work: Materials are either due now, or yesterday! For the most part, global marketing campaigns have sufficient lead-times, and marketers can invest the time and budget allotted to localize content in the highest quality manner to engage multilingual audiences in key target markets. There are times, however, when content needs to get translated quickly to meet an immediate need, such as posts on social media sites, or an email blast that needs to go out (you guessed it) now.  Or, sometimes budgets don’t permit expansion of campaigns into lower-priority markets. Which is why Cloudwords recently introduced Machine Translation, providing yet another translation option for our customers, so they can choose the localization method and model that best fits their content type, timeline, and budget needs.

As a complete marketing globalization platform, Cloudwords provides marketers the tools they need to localize content quickly, professionally, and cost-effectively. Whether customers prefer to localize their content using their own preferred outside translation vendor, or need to find a qualified translation vendor from the Cloudwords marketplace, our platform supports either option. Some companies have their own in-house translators they use—our platform supports that option, too. And now, for situations where content needs to be turned around quickly and/or very at a very low cost, Cloudwords’ Machine Translation capability fits those situations as well.

Why Machine Translation?

machine translationMachine Translation technology hasn’t yet reached the quality standards that make it appropriate for all projects, but it is especially useful for short-form content that has a limited shelf life, such as social media, or for projects with tight time constraints when a translation can be created instantaneously and internal reviewers can edit and polish it. Since Machine Translation is much less expensive, it’s also a great option for translating content that is targeted to reach tier 2 or 3 markets, where marketers often have limited budgets. For these reasons, customers were interested in having it be an option in the Cloudwords platform.

Cloudwords will continue to leverage customers’ own OneTM Translation Memory database for Machine Translation projects. That way, any content strings that have previously been translated will leverage the translation memory to ensure translations use the correct, pre-approved phrases and terms based on your company’s Glossary and Style Guide, which also helps to shorten the time it takes to review and finalize the translation copy. All Machine Translation projects go through the customer’s internal translation review to ensure translation accuracy and resonance.

Customers that have Cloudwords integrated with their marketing automation, content management systems, or Web CMS platforms, can use Machine Translation to quickly turnaround localization projects as needed.

New Features for Cloudwords for Marketo

In addition to Machine Translation, Cloudwords’ most recent product release also includes several new features for the Cloudwords for Marketo integration. We’re continuing to build on this award-winning integration to deliver the capabilities that customers want and need to get their content localized quickly and easily. Based on customer feedback and demand, Cloudwords now offers the following features:

  • Support for Marketo Tokens: Cloudwords automatically discovers any translatable tokens embedded within landing pages or emails and extracts the content out of it for translation. Upon completion, new tokens are created and inserted into the appropriate translated versions.
  • Template Swap: Source content can now be selected and inserted into different templates for different languages, making it easier to apply already-translated content to multiple templates.
  • Project Requestors: With this release, project requestors in Cloudwords have more privileges. They can be added as followers to any projects in their department, enabling more visibility into other localization projects run in their department. They can also request Marketo projects, including emails, landing pages and forms in Marketo for translation requests.

Additional Enhancements

This release offers additional product enhancements to user management capabilities designed to simplify translation workflow, including:

  • User Management Page: The user management page has been redesigned with search capabilities to better support large enterprise accounts. The enhancements better enable administrators to quickly find different users and manage their permissions.
  • Expanded Audit Trailing: The newsfeed and the task history now provide more in-depth details on usage. Review tasks will now track and display when an assignee has viewed the task or downloaded the files to review, enabling Project Managers to track every step between the tasks assigned to the tasks completed.

Two New APIs

Adding to Cloudwords already robust offering of APIs, this product release introduces two new APIs to the platform: Change Order API and Project Workflow API.

As always, Cloudwords delivers with the customers in mind. We are confident Machine Translation and these newest product features and enhancements will help our customers meet their localization deadlines sooner and across more markets than they expected! For a free trial of Cloudwords, visit


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