New Product Updates Give More Power to Cloudwords’ “Power Users”

Whether customers are localizing content and collateral into five languages or 50, Cloudwords is committed to delivering new product features and capabilities designed to help users work the way they need to work so they can turn projects around more quickly and go to market faster. Enterprise customers that need to reach vastly dispersed audiences face complex localization projects that involve multiple stakeholders across departments and regional teams, many different vendors and large amounts of content. These “power users” leverage Cloudwords to automate workflows, synchronize timelines and review processes, and improve collaboration.

As organizations grow and expand into new markets, the localization process gets more challenging, and so we continue to listen to our customers, learn what they need to make the process run even more smoothly, and build on the Cloudwords platform to meet their requirements.

This week, we announced several new product enhancements geared toward enterprise-level customers, making Cloudwords the most customizable and expressive marketing globalization platform for the enterprise.

The new enhancements include:



Workflow Engine Enhancements (Enterprise Edition): A more powerful, fully customizable workflow engine enables users to configure and model any enterprise localization process that a global organization may require to reach their audiences in multiple languages.  They can now fully model their current process amongst all stakeholders, or revise and improve it.  And if customers need help determining the best approach, Cloudwords’ Customer Success experts can advise what’s best for their business and market.

Workflow Efficiency Reporting (Professional & Enterprise Editions): To better enable customers to analyze their translation process and improve efficiency, new Workflow Efficiency Reporting tools allow Cloudwords customers to attain deeper insights into how well their process is working, or find out where potential roadblocks exist. By breaking down the planned versus actual time spent for each step and person in your process, the fully customizable reports enable users to quickly evaluate their entire translation process so they know where best to spend their time and energy solving problems and bottlenecks.

Multi-phase Review Workflow (Enterprise Edition): Users can now create projects that include a multi-phase review process, enabling further customization of workflows to meet the complex demands of enterprise power users. Now, users can add as many review phases as necessary, and will also be able to share notes and files directly with each other for enhanced collaboration.  Does your marketing organization obsess over both language and presentation?  We have review workflows that let the experts in each area provide their feedback in an automated and effortless fashion.

Project Edit Auditing (All Customers): Built on top of the existing activity feed, new project auditing capabilities now track all historical changes to a translation project’s details and data, as well as any actions performed by any user with respect to that project’s tasks and deliverables. This enterprise-class audit trailing gives complete visibility into localization project history, allowing enterprise users to easily track who did what and when, so they can quickly identify and resolve any issues or questions.

Project Creation Wizard UI/UX Update (All Customers): Small enhancements to Cloudwords’ Project Creation Wizard deliver a more intuitive process and also features a “content source” selector to highlight the various types of content and integrations that can be plugged directly into Cloudwords.

Custom Review Instructions API (API/Platform): An addition to our best-in-industry API allows external integrations, such as Adobe or Drupal, to customize the review instructions as a part of the automated Cloudwords project workflow. By providing custom instructions and links per project per language, Cloudwords automatically generates review tasks and notification emails that contain relevant and direct instructions for reviewers on how to review the translation.

Project Tags (All Editions): A powerful new addition in terms of data classification and analytics, new Project Tag capabilities enable customers to tag and categorize their projects and project requests, allowing users to fully search projects, tasks, discussions, and alerts and generate ad hoc reports specific to their interests.

By listening to valuable feedback from our customers, the Cloudwords team continues to improve on our platform. Please let us know what you think of our most recent features and capabilities – we want to hear from you!


Marketo Summit

Newest Feature Enables “In-house” Translators to Tap into Cloudwords

We love our customers and value the feedback they provide about our application. In an effort to make our solution more user-friendly for everyone, we always listen to opinions about features that would add value for customers and improve the overall platform, ultimately making the localization process easier for all parties involved: HQ, marketers, regional teams, translation service providers, reviewers, developers, etc.

Internal Translator
Based on customer demand, Cloudwords’ newest product feature was developed to address the needs of both customer and translator. Let us explain. Many organizations manage multiple outside translation service vendors to translate content into the languages spoken by their key customers and prospects. However, it’s not uncommon for many large, multinational organizations to use internal localization teams, while some smaller companies leverage employees who happen to speak the needed languages to translate materials. Many of our customers are in this situation. These companies are already realizing the benefits Cloudwords’ application provides, but needed a better way to incorporate their “in-house” translators so they too could benefit more fully from our application.

And that’s why we’ve added an “Internal Translators” role to the Cloudwords application. Now, you can simply select a user with an “internal translator” role when creating your Cloudwords translation project. This will bypass the translation vendor quoting and selection process, and eliminate the need for billing and invoicing. Now, regardless of whether you use internal team translators, outside translation vendors, or a mix of both, Cloudwords delivers automated workflows, streamlined processes and improved collaboration across all departments to enable a faster time-to-market without the need for manual processes.

This is just one example of how Cloudwords strives to meet customer needs in our ongoing effort to build the premier, holistic marketing globalization platform. We care about streamlining the entire process, from allowing your content to easily flow from your content systems via our mission critical integrations, to supporting any mode and model of translation that meets your needs. All of which powers your company to easily localize content in order to drive more global demand.

As our team continues to deliver product features and capabilities that make Cloudwords the most user-friendly localization automation application available, consider how streamlining your team’s localization process will make you become more efficient in the New Year. Customer or not, let us know how we can help make 2014 your year to go global faster. Contact us at:

Campaign Globalization Designed with the Marketer as First-Class Citizen

Late last year, Marketo welcomed Cloudwords to their newly launched partner program, Marketo Launchpoint, to become the only cloud-based localization management solution within the Marketo partner ecosystem.  Since that launch, many of our joint customers have asked, “How can you further simplify and speed up the process of translating our Marketo marketing assets?”

Fast-forward to today, and Cloudwords is proud to announce we are the first and only globalization platform that integrates directly with Marketo.  That means all components of your Marketo campaigns – emails, landing pages, snippets – can be translated with just a few clicks, and the entire turnaround time to getting your campaigns into international markets is reduced dramatically.

Since the very inception of Cloudwords as a business idea, we’ve had the customer – not the translator – in mind, and designed our application to support and strengthen the way your company does global business. We get it. Businesses, especially marketing departments, have a lot of content. In fact, a study released this month by the Content Marketing Institute reveals that 93% of B2B organizations are marketing to customers and prospects with content-based tactics and 73% are producing more content than they did one year ago. And, if you’re marketing to audiences in global markets, guess what? All that content needs to be localized, and until now, that slow, tedious process has been stunting growth.

Where does your content live?

In content management systems, customer relationship management platforms, marketing automation software. So we made the Cloudwords application work the way you work, to make managing the translation process easier, faster, less error-prone, and definitely more cost efficient.  How did we do this?  We built a highly integrateable platform, with rich APIs and pre-built integrations, to make sure your content systems are directly tied into your localization process via Cloudwords.


So if you use Adobe CQ, Drupal, Salesforce Knowledge, or Marketo, we have a pre-built integration for you today.  And if by chance we don’t have a pre-built integration for your content system today (we may soon!), our open API and developer platform makes an integration possible with very little time and resources.

With integration to Marketo’s leading marketing automation platform, Cloudwords becomes your complete global go-to-market platform to localize all things marketing. Digital and web content, demand gen materials, and all marketing assets – email, html, video, audio, PDFs, landing pages, and more. You can now ensure your company’s message will be heard – in any format, file type, or on any device – in any language you choose.

Why does this matter? Connecting your content sources directly to the Cloudwords globalization platform is the fastest way to take the “time suck” out of your day, and out of your campaign timelines.  Ridiculously wasteful copying and pasting of content are replaced with single-click flow of content into and out of the content systems your company relies on to market, sell, and support globally.  This in turn, gets your global content to markets faster, generate demand across regions more effectively, and help sales close more revenue.


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