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New Cloudwords Release: The One With Glossary Management

We are happy to announce a new Cloudwords release with the following new features and enhancements:

Glossary Management and Translation: Allows customers to centrally host, edit and manage their glossaries within Cloudwords. The integration with the Cloudwords Translation Memory database automatically keeps glossary terms current, centralized and accessible across all departments, helping organizations with their globalization strategy. Getting translations for new and updated glossary terms is as easy as launching a Cloudwords translation project.

New reports: The Translation Memory Word Count and Leveraging reports give Cloudwords customers unprecedented access to data about their translation memory, such as the growth of their translation memory database, its economic value, and how it is bringing translation cost down over time.

Notifications preferences: Cloudwords now allows customers to set their email notifications preferences, so they only receive the ones that are relevant to them.

User management enhancements: Project Managers and Reviewers can now belong to more than one department, so they can participate and collaborate in projects across any department in their company.

As it is the case on each of our releases, we also worked on fixing small issues and enhancing other areas of the Cloudwords application. We are thankful to everyone who reported issues or shared their ideas for new features and enhancements. We are always listening to our users feedback as a way to make the Cloudwords application even better and more efficient.

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