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5 Ways Translation Management Must Change

You Know You Need to Hear This

In a world where companies are taking advantage of cloud offerings for everything from managing customer relationships to implementing marketing campaigns, it is inevitable that other expensive, time-consuming processes will be improved through an offering designed for the cloud.  Localization solutions are ripe for improvements in cost savings, time savings and global revenue development.

1)     Translation Memory:  The two largest cost drivers for any individual localization solution is the amount of words to translate and the amount of time it takes the vendor to put the final version back together.  Until now, vendors have had very little incentive to manage translation memory well or even at all.  Cloud-based translation management reduces the number of individual words that need to be translated by always making a company’s most up-to-date translation memory available that can be accessed to increase consistency and quality, while reducing the cost and time needed for each project.

2)     Process:  Although there is a process needed for high-quality translation, the current localization solution process is too long and complicated.  A cloud-based translation process will streamline the current process from approximately 50 steps into 10 distinctive, translation-quality-focused steps.

3)     Translators:  There is a set pool of qualified translators for each language and continuous demand for their services.  For too long companies have had to deal with roulette odds of having the same translator work on each of their translation projects.  Add to this the frustration of high-quality translators when their work is stained by other people’s poor translation work.  The legacy approach only exists because it’s the old way of doing things, and until now customers haven’t demanded a streamlined process.

4)     Customers:  Whether you have a translation budget of $10 million or $50,000, you desire access to the best translators. A cloud-based approach brings democratization to the translation industry.  Customers can choose to on-board their preferred vendors or if they need a new vendor, find one through Cloudwords vendor marketplace, which enables companies of any size to find and secure top-quality translation vendors.

5)     Transparency:  Today’s black box system of putting source materials for translation in and eventually getting completed translations out provides no visibility into who is actually working on a given project. It’s impossible to guarantee quality consistency without transparency.  Small companies in particular are subjected to a “luck of the draw” approach when project managers and translators are assigned. All customers, no matter their size, deserve to use their preferred translator and project manager, or know when they aren’t available.

At Cloudwords, we work with our customers to bring Flexibility, Accountability, Communication and Efficiency (FACE) to the translation management process.  Visit to see how Cloudwords’ focus on customers needs is changing how localization solutions are managed.

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