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New Cloudwords Solutions Launched

The Cloudwords team is happy to announce we launched our first set of solutions today. Each Cloudwords solution addresses the unique needs of a specific industry or department: High Tech, Life Sciences/Pharma, Marketing, Product and Training.  We believe these solutions will help us better serve our customers, which are both organizations with a long history of operating internationally and hyper-growth companies that see operating in multiple regions as a path to meeting their aggressive revenue goals.

Although each of these groups uses Cloudwords to make managing their translation projects streamlined, transparent, cost-effective and more likely to generate revenue, they also have some unique characteristics.  For example, depending on the user group’s specific needs, they may also use the Cloudwords platform to gain additional benefits such as entering a new market faster, regaining hours or days previously spent managing translation projects, leveraging Cloudwords’ open API for integrating with existing systems or to develop new product offerings.

You can explore how Cloudwords works through step-by-step video guides.

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