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New Cloudwords Release: The One With Email Response to Messages

The Cloudwords team, defying the legendary fear others have of Fridays the 13th, successfully released a number of great new features:

Responding to messages via emailResponding to messages and tasks comments via email: Users receiving an email notification of a new message or comment on a task can reply directly from their email application. Their response will be posted online, as well as delivered to all users following the message or task.

Automated Review task: Cloudwords automatically creates a Language Review task every time a vendor delivers the translations for a language on a project. These tasks are assigned to users who have been associated with the language delivered.

Project Search: Finding projects is now much easier on Cloudwords. Users can search projects based on their name, owner, vendor, intended use and other criteria.

Internal Messages: Users can now start a new message thread on a project and send it only to their colleagues. Another step towards a more efficient and centralized way of communicating about all things related to localization and translations.

API: The Cloudwords open API now includes the ability to create and manage tasks.

– A good number of usability enhancements related to navigation and project management have been added, as well as a few fixes to some minor issues.

Once again, thanks to all the Cloudwords users who have shared their ideas and requests with our team. Your feedback is fundamental for us.

Stay tuned for more new features very soon!

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