Cloudwords for Salesforce Service Cloud Knowledge now available!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first and only automated way to seamlessly translate content with Salesforce Service Cloud Knowledge.

As most Service Cloud Knowledge customers already understand, translating their global knowledge articles is difficult at best. Our new Cloudwords for Salesforce AppExchange app allows these same customers to automatically move their Knowledge articles out of Salesforce, into translation, and receive the translated articles from their translation vendor directly via the API.

All of Salesforce’s 100,000 customers can now experience a simple and easy translation process:
• Think Globally: The Cloudwords solution is the first and only way to automate the translation process for Knowledge articles
• Control The Process: Easily manage each step using Cloudwords’ automated solution
• Make it Easy: Automate the translation required within customers’ Knowledge content moving from any language to any language
• Global Network: Use existing translation vendors or get competitive project bids from qualified vendors for over 150 languages

Thank you again to the Salesforce Service Cloud team for providing some excellent guidance and insight into the best possible customer experience – we couldn’t have done it without you!

About Cloudwords
Cloudwords brings ease, transparency, and cost reduction to businesses looking for translation services. And by translation we mean language translation of a company's product, website, marketing collateral... anything. We offer a comprehensive, revolutionary approach via a web-based platform that... - Provides a highly qualified marketplace that matches translation customers with the best translation vendors for their needs - Provides a project management platform to help customers and vendors easily navigate the translation process - Enables customers to centralize and reuse all their previously translated content to ensure consistency and avoid paying for the same translation twice

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