Collaboration is Global: An interview with Socialtext

Socialtext coined the term “Social layer” which applies to their vision for how social software should enable employees to collaborate and work together more efficiently without regard to business function or geographic silos. Their leading social enterprise technology helps organizations more efficiently connect employees to each other for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

They recently chose Cloudwords to help them localize their technology and better service customers with a global footprint and workforce. Socialtext customers, including but not limited to OSISoft, Isobar, Getty Images and McKesson already enjoy the application in English and now Socialtext has an efficient and scalable way to enable their non-English speaking employees, customers and partners to collaborate and connect in their native languages.

VP of Engineering, Shampa Banerjee, joined us recently to provide some strategic insight into their global growth and how the Cloudwords experience has enabled her and the team to gain a competitive edge globally.

Hear from Shampa as she describes the importance of Cloudwords for her company:

About Cloudwords
Cloudwords brings ease, transparency, and cost reduction to businesses looking for translation services. And by translation we mean language translation of a company's product, website, marketing collateral... anything. We offer a comprehensive, revolutionary approach via a web-based platform that... - Provides a highly qualified marketplace that matches translation customers with the best translation vendors for their needs - Provides a project management platform to help customers and vendors easily navigate the translation process - Enables customers to centralize and reuse all their previously translated content to ensure consistency and avoid paying for the same translation twice

2 Responses to Collaboration is Global: An interview with Socialtext

  1. Ethan Robotic says:

    All I’m seeing is cloud computing everywhere. Sites like, and so on are storing data inside of them. Then there is sites such as Facebook who are taking up huge amounts of data storage. I think it would have been impossible to see such a thing only a few years ago.

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