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Webinar: Five Best Practices for Evaluating a Global CMS (October 11, 2011)

Next Tuesday, October 11, at 11 am Pacific Time (2 pm Eastern), join localization industry veteran Kian T. Gould, CEO of AOE Media, talking with Michael Meinhardt, Cloudwords CEO. The webinar will cover everything from controlling content creation to translation management, both open source and cloud-based, and all participants will be able to ask questions about how to automate their content management life-cycle.

In addition, we will outline five best practices every organization should consider before embarking on their Content Management System (CMS) journey. It is true that one wrong move can derail an entire translation project, adding significant costs or timeline delays to the project, therefore being extremely important that the CMS strategy and tools are the right ones to support the localization and translation process.

Please join us for this webinar as we explore strategic approaches to managing your global content and the five best practices that will guarantee your success. We look forward to your participation.

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