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5 Steps to a DIY Global Content Operation

Cloudwords DIY Global Content Operations As a marketer tasked with expanding to new markets, it might seem like you’ll need to spend a lot of new resources and talent to build your global content operation. But it ain’t necessarily so.

With what you already have, plus a good plan, the right tools and a dose of patience, you can build a great “DIY” operation. Continue reading

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Getting Back to Our Roots at Dreamforce


Cloudwords Scott Yancey Dreamforce 2015I very rarely hear people refer to the “World Wide Web” anymore. In the ‘90s we were obsessed with sites like Yahoo, the burgeoning idea of e-commerce, and “going online” to use AOL to email friends in faraway places. The Internet is truly worldwide and has connected—and greatly impacted—countries and economies in multiple ways, from access to information to entire businesses built purely online. Continue reading

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A #DF15 Epiphany: The Indisputable Worth of a Global Content Hub

This week tens of thousands of marketing, sales and tech professionals have descended upon San Francisco to attend Dreamforce, Benioff’s now-legendary cloud technology conference that takes over the city every fall. It sounds cliché, but people do come from all over the world (78 countries, in fact!) and from all different industries to attend. At the Cloudwords booth in the Cloud Expo, I enjoy listening to the challenges many marketers face as they lament about the slow, old school approaches they use to translate marketing content. Continue reading

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Countdown to Dreamforce: Dirty Little Secrets of Life in the Global Marketing Trade

In Anthony Bourdain’s bestselling book, “Kitchen Confidential,” he provides a behind-the-scenes look at the restaurant industry and reveals what is really going on inside NYC kitchens. (Some things you may not want to know!) I thought of the book recently while I was preparing notes for an upcoming session I’ll be presenting at Dreamforce next week. In the marketing industry—and global marketing in particular—a lot goes on behind the scenes that marketers either accept as “just the way it’s done”, or would rather not think about, or don’t even realize is happening at all. Continue reading

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Hitting The Right Notes With Localization

Cloudwords-localization-duckmoneyYour company is expanding and you will soon be a proud global presence. You’re getting ready to sing your song to the world: you’ve researched global markets, chosen territories that are likeliest to increase revenue, and all of your materials have been translated perfectly.

Time to press play?

Not so fast: translation is only one part of this tune. Continue reading

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The Local Glocal: The Market Next Door

Cloudwords Glocal-LocalizationIt’s easy to understand the value of marketing to your global customers in their preferred language – we know that they are 34% more likely to respond, and then there is the brand halo of even trying. It’s obviously the most effective way for your message to be heard or seen and generate a return on your investment in a global operation.

It’s just as easy to forget the enormous value of doing the same thing for your domestic customers in the US. In a nation that is now “majority minority,” smart marketers are “thinking glocal” about the customer across the street. In fact, over 60 million Americans speak a language other than English at home, and most consider that a conservative estimate. Continue reading

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New eBook: 5 Truths of Content Globalization

Shift your thinking.

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While we would like to think that a cloud-based, integrated workflow solution is all anyone needs to go global, we know it’s much more nuanced than that, not to mention more complicated.  That’s why we created our latest eBook 5 Truths of Content Globalization.

What a translation automation platform like Cloudwords really does is help companies change their thinking: the ease, transparency, and reduced costs serve to highlight long-held beliefs about manual processes, political (vs.commercial) silos, and broadcast vs. dialogue-based communications with prospects and clients.

Suddenly, the artisanal nature of content translation, distribution and measurement can be automated. The walls between functions can become more porous. You can truly meet clients where they are — both in platform and language. And, rather than presenting these as a wish list for next year’s budget, they’re seen as a source of smart revenue generation.

Continue reading