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How Iron Mountain Scales Globally to Drive Localized Demand

Iron_Mountain Truck
Guest Post by Leslie Alore, Head of Global Marketing Operations & Automation at Iron Mountain

Modern marketers from across the globe attended Oracle’s Modern Marketing Experience Europe event in London last week to discuss best practices and learn new marketing strategies from peers and experts alike. As head of global marketing operations and automation at Iron Mountain, I was honored to have the opportunity to present and share how our company leverages Oracle Eloqua and Cloudwords to create and deliver global campaigns at scale.
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How to Get What You Want: 5 Ways to Be More Persuasive

Going after what you want — whether it’s a promotion, a big sale or bringing a new idea to market — undoubtedly takes effort and hard work. But in most cases, success is not independent of outside influencers — you’re likely going to have to convince others to get on board, too.

As an entrepreneur and CEO of a startup that is creating a new category in cloud-based technology, I had to pitch a new business idea to very successful, influential — and let’s face it, very experienced — investors who have heard every new business pitch under the sun. A daunting challenge, but one my co-founder and I needed to face in order to make our vision a reality. Continue reading

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Want Great Global Content? Find a Great Translator

As a good marketer in the digital age, you probably know how to find the right partner for a lot of your needs, from programmers to event planners. Chances are you have less confidence about how to do the same for a key aspect of your global content marketing campaign: Finding and engaging a great translator. Continue reading

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The Spooktacular Costs of Doing Global Wrong

Investing in a global marketing strategy can be a major undertaking, both in terms of actual costs (localization of campaign assets) and productivity costs (employee time), but the return on investment can be exponential when it comes to opportunities for increased revenue and market share. However, getting globalization right is critical, because now more than ever, global marketers are on the frontlines of revenue growth and need to consider the impact on sales their campaigns generate. Continue reading

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The Lesson I Learned from Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard

Whether your company sells software or fleece hoodies, there is a core set of questions we need to ask to drive product creation and development.

I recently arrived at this conclusion following a surf trip near Puerto Nuevo, Mexico – if you surf, or have ever tried, you may feel as I do that the sport is one of the most challenging, but most rewarding activities you’ll try. During my latest trip, I had a scary experience involving currents trying to take me out to the ocean combined with an untimely calf cramp. When I finally made it to shore, I was relieved but also euphoric, and as a result felt emboldened to completely dive deeper into the sport. Based on a friend’s recommendation, I bought a book called “Let My People Go Surfing” written by Yvon Chouinard, the founder and owner of leading outdoor adventure gear company, Patagonia. Continue reading

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What Does Your Company’s Selfie Say to the World?

A great website is a reflection of a company’s persona and how it wants to be viewed by the world: Its brand, positioning, and core values are characterized by the images, tone of voice and design aspects incorporated into the site itself. To put it in today’s photographic terms, a website is basically a company’s “selfie” available for a global audience to see.

This begs the question: What image does your company’s selfie portray to potential customers? Continue reading

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5 Steps to a DIY Global Content Operation

Cloudwords DIY Global Content Operations As a marketer tasked with expanding to new markets, it might seem like you’ll need to spend a lot of new resources and talent to build your global content operation. But it ain’t necessarily so.

With what you already have, plus a good plan, the right tools and a dose of patience, you can build a great “DIY” operation. Continue reading