Globalize Your Sitecore Websites with Cloudwords

Sitecore websites now more easily translated for all markets

Sitecore websites now more easily translated for all markets

In our connected, digital economy, the World Wide Web truly is accessible worldwide, which means anyone, anywhere can access content on your site. What do they see when they visit your company’s homepage? Is the content in English only, or do visitors see localized content specifically designed with images and copy for their language and culture? If you’re a globally-focused company targeting consumers in international markets, I hope it’s the latter or you’re not fully tapping into the revenue opportunities available to you in global markets.

The fact is, 72% of prospects are more likely to purchase a product when content is delivered in their native language. Translating your website and digital customer experiences is essential to engaging effectively with audiences in global markets. To make localization of websites faster and easier, Cloudwords offers pre-built integrations with the leading Web Content Management and customer experience platforms. Today I’m particularly pleased to say we’ve added Sitecore to that list.

Traditionally, the process of localizing websites and landing pages within your Sitecore Web Content Management platform has been extremely inefficient, requiring users to spend hours copying and pasting text out of Sitecore, saving it as a different document type, sending it off for localization, getting the files back, and copying and pasting it again to put it back into the correct templates. Not only is the process inefficient when translating sites in one language, it’s massively inefficient when companies need to localize websites for multiple regions in several languages and have them all ready to launch at the same time.

With Cloudwords for Sitecore, ensuring your websites are accessible and meaningful to multi-language audiences is easier than ever. With one click, users select the content in Sitecore that needs to be translated, and then Cloudwords automatically extracts the content, sends it for translation to your preferred translation vendor, and automatically returns the new, translated content to the original templates in Sitecore. The process is scalable, efficient and reliable.

Customers who use Cloudwords to localize content by integrating with their Web CMS platforms increase their team’s productivity levels by eliminating the copy and paste routine, and decrease project turnaround times by 60%. Visit to learn more about Cloudwords for Sitecore and sign up for a free trial today.


Mark Zuckerberg Charms in Mandarin—and Underscores the Value of Speaking Your Audience’s Language

Although Facebook is largely blocked in China, apparently that ban hasn’t dissuaded the social network’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, from learning to speak Mandarin. In fact, according to his Facebook status update, he recently conducted his first public interview in Chinese at Tsinghua University in Beijing. As a student of Mandarin myself in college in the 1980s, I was impressed by Mark’s ability to learn the language while also running the largest social network in the world.


Mark Zuckerberg Charming his Audience in Mandarin

While there has been much criticism in the media for his accent—one critic said he sounded like an “articulate 7 year old”*—the Chinese audience loved that he made an effort to speak to them in their own language, as evidenced by the burst of applause Mark received when he responded to the first question in Mandarin. Poor accent aside, Mark obviously understands the value of speaking the language of your audience to win them over—and earns my respect for learning a challenging language, and having the courage to conduct an interview in that language in front of an audience (to be recorded and posted on Facebook for his 30+ million followers, no less!).

During the interview, he pointed out that in addition to wanting to learn Mandarin because his wife is Chinese and her family speaks Chinese, he also realizes China is a powerful country—studying its languages helps him to better understand its culture—and, he said, Chinese is a difficult language to learn, and he likes challenges! He makes an important point: understanding a country’s language is often the best way to appreciate its cultural differences, customs and values. At Cloudwords, we couldn’t agree more.

I like to say that localization is the ultimate form of personalization. Communicating with your target audience in their language, while also using culturally relevant references—not just in language, but also images, music, sports, even the popular social networks they use—is critical to engaging your audiences around the world. I’ve witnessed too many companies and marketing teams miss out on real revenue opportunity because they didn’t sufficiently prioritize, let alone execute efficiently, the linguistic component of operating globally.

During the Q&A portion of his time with the Tsinghua University audience, Mark discussed his passion for connecting the world. In that context, he mentioned his nonprofit,, which is focused on making internet access available to the two-thirds of the world not yet connected. Certainly, Mark’s Q&A in Mandarin will help bring more attention to these efforts. As it states on the homepage, “The future of the world economy is a knowledge economy—the internet its backbone.”

Mark is personally and professionally doing his part to connect people and cultures. I challenge all fellow marketers to do our part to communicate effectively in the languages our audiences speak. Like?


* Which isn’t necessarily an accurate description since a native-speaking 7-year old wouldn’t use the wrong “tones” the way Mark fearlessly did. As a non-native speaker of the language, I know how challenging it is to get the tones correct when you’re first learning Mandarin.

Clear Skies Ahead: Cloudwords’ New OneReview Speeds the Translation Process and Improves Quality

Cloudwords’ newest product enhancement delivers OneReview, a new capability designed to eliminate review process delays and headaches, speed the translation workflow and improve overall translation quality. OneReview is a top-notch upgrade for all Cloudwords’ customers, bringing first-class service to your preferred translation management solution.

Taxiing on the Runway

When it comes to translation workflow, the review process is the final, most critical stage, the point when translation accuracy is assured, the intended meaning is locked and correct, and the text reads fluidly in its new language. Excessive reviews can slow down a project or marketing effort considerably, particularly when there is more than one reviewer, or content is in multiple files or formats. Keeping track of the process is tedious, time-consuming and prone to errors. It’s the wait at the gate that most frequently causes delays, decelerating go-to-market timelines.

Now Ready for Takeoff

Cloudwords’ newest feature solves review process challenges and headaches by putting managers, reviewers, and translation providers on the same page. Our easy-to-use interface lets everyone view the source text and its translation side by side, review them simultaneously, approve text or enter suggested edits, and make copy changes from within a shared interface. Since every user can access files through Cloudwords, multiple files and formats scattered across different applications are no longer necessary.

Now that everyone has visibility, managers can easily keep tabs on the projects that are on track, in danger of delays, and completed. Even the “review of the review” is simpler since every project is in one dashboard and easily accessible.

For translation providers, OneReview provides the ease of a standardized review format. Cloudwords users will no longer need to worry about receiving the same text in multiple reviews or in different formats. Ultimately this saves time for everyone and decreases the chance of errors getting through to the end product.

You Have Reached Your Destination

When it comes to globalization, content localization is key for connecting with customers. On the other hand, optimizing the localization process is critical ensure international campaigns roll out as efficiently as possible. Integrating your globalization platform with your content management solution maximizes marketing efficiency and accelerates go-to-market timelines.

Why fly Coach with two-stops when you can go First Class non-stop? Cloudwords streamlines the entire localization workflow and even makes the review process hassle-free. With Cloudwords, you can reach your ultimate destination—previously untapped revenue opportunities around the world—quickly and with ease.

Learn more about OneReview at



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