How Hillary Clinton Learned About Cloudwords, and Other News from #MKTGNATION14

If you’ve been on social media or read any marketing-related publications this week, then you probably know Marketo held its annual user conference in San Francisco this past week. Even the New York Times covered all the hoopla.

IMG_1546_keynotePhil Fernandez (Marketo CEO) and Hillary Clinton during the keynote IMG_1544_keynoteCloudwords featured during Phil Fernandez’s keynote

As an enthusiastic Marketo partner, Cloudwords had a strong presence at the event with a gold sponsorship, a large exhibit, and many of the global marketing gurus I call colleagues in attendance. “Rule the World” was our theme and we even had crowns and scepters on hand to help Marketo customers look and feel like the global marketing royalty that we know they are. The love from Marketo and the Marketing Nation was returned in spades. Here are some highlights we’re proud to share:

ruletheworld_3 ruletheworld_2

Woohoo, Cloudwords won a Revvie!

We were honored with a Marketo Revvie award for Platform Innovator. No other software vendor has built an integration with Marketo to help marketers drive demand and engagement on a global scale — with just a few clicks. Cloudwords for Marketo reduces the time and effort spent on the multilingual process by 85%.We’re honored to be in such good company among Marketo’s award recipients, and extend our congratulations to all of the Revvie Award winners, including Cloudwords’ customers CA for winning “The Integrator” category and Genesys for “The Upgrader”!

Cloudword win “Platform Innovator” Revvie
Members of the Cloudwords Product Team

Spreading the News: There’s a Better Way!

The Summit’s theme, ‘Innovation in the Nation’ was representative throughout the event. Cloudwords’ co-founder Michael Meinhardt, and Cloudwords customer Neal Amsden of Coupa Software added to the conversation with a session on Tuesday afternoon called “Multilingual Marketo: Localization Made Easy.” The room was full of Marketo customers interested in learning new techniques to globalize their marketing campaigns more quickly and easily. At the end of the session, the Q&A extended well past the end of the allotted time, as attending marketers shared their personal experiences with marketing globalization (there was no shortage of examples!) and expressed delight that there was finally a better way! The level of intelligent questions on global marketing and localization shows an increased demand for the process improvements that Cloudwords for Marketo can bring.

Global Marketing Royalty Need to Party, Too

As part of our relentless effort to help Marketo customers “Rule the World,” we co-hosted the most awesome after-party Monday night with The Pedowitz Group and other Marketo ecosystem partners that jam-packed three floors of San Francisco’s renowned Roe. Attending marketers weren’t just ruling the world, they were ruling the dance floor and the libations! To protect the innocent, I’ll leave the description at that!

This is the Part with Hillary Clinton

So by now, I’m sure you’re wondering about the Hillary Clinton headline for this blog. Here’s the scoop: Secretary Clinton was the keynote speaker for the Summit, and while she was waiting in the wings to come on stage for her address, Phil Fernandez, Marketo’s president and CEO, gave his opening remarks (video) about Marketo’s many new innovations. In front of the standing-room-only auditorium filled with over 6000 attendees, Fernandez unexpectedly introduced Cloudwords as a company to watch, along with Hootsuite and Modo Labs. We were thrilled and surprised beyond words. I’d like to think that Hillary heard this, and wished the State Department had used Cloudwords during her globe-trotting days as Secretary of State. (Not to worry, our sales team is tracking down John Kerry’s contact info.)

Speaking of which, one of my favorite moments of the event came when Secretary Clinton shared insights into the development of her memoirs as Secretary of State.  She explained that she reached out to the global community on social media to help her name the book (it “takes a village,” after all). She reported that while some were unrepeatable, others evoked a chuckle from her, with her favorite being, “The Scrunchie Chronicles: 112 Countries Later, and It’s Still All About My Hair.”

For Cloudwords, the Marketing Nation Summit memoirs could be titled, “The Chronicles of Marketing’s World Domination: Endless Countries Later, and It’s Still All About Revenue Growth.”

Some Twitter love from our customers, partners and fans… Thank you everyone for the kudos!





Doubling Down on Marketing Globalization: Cloudwords is a Finalist for Two Revvie Awards!

REVVIE-awardThe team here at Cloudwords is thrilled to be a finalist in two categories of Marketo’s Revvie Awards—the Revenue Performance Excellence Awards. These awards recognize Marketo partners and customers that leverage the Marketo platform to “rev up” and rise above the competition. Since we launched ‘Cloudwords for Marketo’ – the world’s first marketing globalization platform integrated with Marketo – last fall, our engines have been on full throttle empowering the Marketing Nation to go global faster and more easily.

We’re now grateful for and honored by the fact that, even though it’s been only six months since Cloudwords introduced a direct integration with Marketo, we’re now finalists for two Revvies: LaunchPoint Evangelist and Marketo Platform Innovator. This early success and recognition indicates to me an increased focus on the need for automating the localization of marketing campaigns and content.

As more marketers recognize the business benefits of taking their campaigns global (more leads, expanded sales pipeline, and better customer engagement), they have come to realize they need a more efficient process to localize all marketing touch points necessary to engage multilingual audiences. Cloudwords delivers that in spades, reducing marketers’ time and tedium preparing global campaigns by 95%, while reducing costs and time-to-market.

The LaunchPoint Evangelist award identifies companies who have “gone above and beyond” in actively engaging, marketing to, and providing value to the Marketing Nation (Marketo’s term for their customer base). The Marketo Platform Innovator award recognizes companies that have invested deeply in developing on the Marketo platform to fuel company growth. Cloudwords has indeed been laser-focused on delivering programs and technology to the visionary marketers that make up the Marketing Nation.

The Cloudwords team will be with other Revvie finalists at the Marketing Nation Summit 2014 next week, where Marketo executives will announce award winners at the company’s annual user conference. Because of our fast and early success with the Marketo ecosystem, Cloudwords is a Gold Sponsor of the Summit and we look forward to hosting the Marketing Nation at our booth (#110) and sharing ideas on marketing globalization best practices throughout the conference. Also, we look forward to entertaining marketers late into the night during the Monday evening after-party!

If you’re planning to attend the Marketing Nation Summit, be sure to check out Cloudwords co-founder Michael Meinhardt’s session, “Multilingual Marketo: Localization Made Easy,” with Neal Amsden, Senior Director of Marketing at Coupa Software and Ei-Mang Wu, Senior Product Manager at Marketo (both Cloudwords customers, by the way). They’ll discuss proven approaches to localizing marketing campaigns and demand gen programs, providing real-world examples of how companies are benefiting from the automation of marketing globalization. The session takes place on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 4:30 PDT in room 2018-2020. View the full agenda at

Congrats to all the Revvie Award finalists! We look forward to seeing you at the Marketing Nation Summit!

Marketo Summit

Ignorance is Not Bliss: Insight Into Localization Spend is Key to Global Success

A survey conducted by Cloudwords at Content Marketing World 2013 revealed that a whopping 69% of global marketers don’t have any insight into their current translation spend.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 11.20.50 AMThat’s not surprising, considering localization of marketing content is often a highly decentralized process in many global organizations, which creates inefficiencies in both time and money spent on globalization of marketing programs. For example, a corporate team might hold the purse strings, but leave regional teams to manage vendors and translation projects. This structure, or lack thereof, leaves marketers in the dark when it comes to insight into how much they actually spend on localization (including payments to translation vendors as well as employee time spent managing the projects), how efficient their process is when it comes to delivering content to market, and whether multilingual assets, such as translation memory, are being leveraged.

How can companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on localizing marketing content each year (much more for global enterprise organizations, which can reach upwards of tens of millions of dollars), yet have no idea whether they are getting a good return on their investment?

Entering new markets successfully—and maintaining market share in existing markets—requires ongoing analysis of the marketing budget and metrics to know whether you’re spending money wisely to reach the target markets and audiences that matter most to your company, or throwing it away. Analysis of your localization process and spend should be a priority as well. You might be surprised how many global companies are translating content into the top five or 10 languages because they think that’s the best way to reach the most customers. Do they have market share in Brazil? If not, why are they translating into Portuguese?

In addition to better understanding which languages you should be investing in, you need insight into how efficient your localization process is, or isn’t. How long does it take to turn around a simple localization project, such as an email campaign? What about a more complex project, like an entire website? An inefficient localization process significantly impacts your bottom line. Using outdated tools and processes to manage localization projects costs valuable employee hours as they try to keep track of multiple projects via email or FTP sites. Bottlenecks in the process, such as delays in the review phase, reduce productivity, increase project turnaround times, and effect critical go-to-market timelines. A delay in getting content to market to reach target audiences translates into missed revenue opportunities.

To get a better idea of how to measure your localization spend and ROI, we suggest the following metrics:

Spend Metrics:

  • Spend per language
  • Spend by content type
  • Leverage of Translation Memory

Efficiency Metrics:

  • Project completion time
  • Identification of bottlenecks in the localization process

To increase productivity and maximize investments, global marketers need better visibility into their localization process. Cloudwords offers advanced analytics to help you monitor your localization spend, time-to-market efficiencies, and translation memory utilization in real time. You can monitor your translation spend by content source, department, language, vendor and more. As a result, you can better understand your translation process, see the evolution and ROI of your translation memory over time, and track the speed of globalization efforts by market.

Marketo Summit


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